Dear colleagues, members of the Editorial Board, and reviewers of Dairy Science & Technology,

This is the last issue of Dairy Science & Technology.

Overall, more than 3000 papers have been published since 1921, under the new or the former title Dairy Science & Technology and Le Lait, as well as Special Issues containing papers presented at key symposia of the International Dairy Federation and other international symposia. The whole collection of papers published since 1921 has been digitized in totality and is available in the open archive Hal at and This constitutes a testimony of an inestimable value over almost a century of research in dairy science and technology, where one can measure, for example, how research questions are cyclic and the way to write has totally changed. See, for example, this article written by Dr. Violle of the Institut Pasteur in 1921 entitled Les Microbes et le Lait (Microbes and Milk) at or this paper from M. Moore in 1922 entitled Le troupeau de vaches le plus productif du monde et comment a-t il été constitué (The most productive herd of cows in the world and how it was formed) at

I have worked as the editor-in-chief since 2008, with the valuable and essential support of Magalie Weber, as managing editor. I have learned a lot through this mandate about the world of journal editing, but it is time now for me to leave this job to take on new missions. I would like to warmly thank the numerous scientists who gave their time to the journal as board members or as reviewers, to assist us with the hard tasks of pre-screening and reviewing manuscripts.

Best regards,

Anne Thierry