Allan Trench and John Sykes: Strictly (Mining) boardroom volume II: A practitioner’s guide for next generation directors

Major street publishing, Australia 2016, ISBN 9780994542410
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When, just over 6 years ago, the first volume of “Strictly (Mining) Boardroom” was published, it was received with great acclaim: “a delight…,” “a valuable resource to practitioners and students of the boardroom alike…,” “informative and entertaining….” So much so that the authors decided to have another go, especially in the light of subsequent difficult years experienced by the resources industry. As they point out, by 2016, excessive pessimism prevailed especially amongst smaller exploration companies as investor support dwindled. So they saw Volume II as “a call-to-arms to the entire sector at both an individual and collective level to ‘lift our game.’” So, another 3 years down the track, it is worth having a look at their endeavors, not to measure their success at industry-wide game lifting but to see how well Volume II works as a successor to Volume I.

The authors are both at the University of Western Australia and their book, which includes contributions from a longish list of...


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