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Table 2 Baseline characteristics of subjects

From: Prospective Evaluation of the Efficacy of a Food Supplement in Increasing Photoprotection and Improving Selective Markers Related to Skin Photo-Ageing

SexMale2 subjects7%
Female28 subjects93%
Skin phototype (Fitzpatrick*)I3 subjects10.0%
II10 subjects33.3%
III17 subjects56.7%
Age (mean)55.6 ± 1.4Years
Minimal erythema dose (MED)38.1mJ/cm2
Skin moisturisation37.7a.u.
Skin elasticity (R0 = Uf)0.3512Ratio
Skin elasticity (R2 = Ua/Uf)0.7137Ratio
Skin elasticity (R5 = Ur/Ue)0.2788Ratio
Skin radiance8.71a.u.
L values (luminance)57.77a.u.
ITA angle22.82(°)
MDA (basal)1.51 ± 0.01µM
MDA 4 h (after UV exposure) at 02.62 ± 0.01µM
MDA 24 h (after UV exposure) at 02.03 ± 0.01µM
FRAP160.2 ± 2.3Fe(II) µM
  1. *I: always burns on minimal exposure; II: burns easily, tans slightly; III: burns moderately, tans progressively [38]