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Thermal Global Expansion Coefficient Measurement for a Harmonic Trapped Gas Across Bose-Einstein Condensation


We report the measurement of the global thermal expansion coefficient of a confined Bose gas of 87Rb in a harmonic potential around the Bose-Einstein condensation transition temperature. We use the concept of global thermodynamic variable, previously introduced and appropriated for a non-homogeneous system. We observe the behavior of the thermal expansion coefficient above and below the critical temperature showing the lambda-like shape present in superfluid helium. The study demonstrates the potentiality of global thermodynamic variables for the investigation of properties across the critical temperature, and a new way to study the thermodynamic properties of the quantum systems.

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We greatly appreciate the collaboration with V. Romero-Rochín (UNAM - México), D. Varela Magalhães, S. R. Muniz, K. Magalhães, G. Telles, Emanuel Henn, and G. Roati.


This study received financial support from Fapesp, program CEPID, and Capes.

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Mercado-Gutiérrez, E.D., Poveda-Cuevas, F.J. & Bagnato, V.S. Thermal Global Expansion Coefficient Measurement for a Harmonic Trapped Gas Across Bose-Einstein Condensation. Braz J Phys 48, 539–542 (2018).

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  • Thermal expansion coefficient
  • Bose-Einstein condensate
  • Global thermodynamics variables