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Table 2 Odds ratios for emotional difficulties by family structure, replicating Reczek et al.: NHIS 2004–2013 (n = 89,435)

From: Sample Errors Call Into Question Conclusions Regarding Same-Sex Married Parents: A Comment on “Family Structure and Child Health: Does the Sex Composition of Parents Matter?”

Reczek et al.
Table 5, Model 1
Family Structure (ref. = man-woman married; n = 82,585)
 Same-sex married (n = 133) 1.02 0.98
 Same-sex cohabiting (n = 265) 3.04a*** 3.58a***
 Different-sex cohabiting (n = 6,382) 1.82*** 1.74***
Support for H1 Yes Partial
Support for H2 Yes Yes
  1. Notes: Models report survey-weighted odds ratios from ordered logistic regressions. Asterisks report significance of t test for difference from reference group.
  2. aDifferent from same-sex married (p < .05).
  3. ***p < .001