Malcolm Cooper, Abhik Chakraborty and Shamik Chakraborty. Rivers and society: landscapes, governance and livelihoods

Routledge, UK: Earthscan, 2018
  • Richard Smardon
Rivers and Society is a very interesting book that combines environmental science, social science, and humanities with 16 chapters loosely grouped from theory to case study practice. This book is part of a growing series on Water Resource Management by Earthscan. This reviewer can think of many books on water resource management such as Sabatier et al. ( 2005) and river restoration (Boon et al. 1992, 2000; Boon and Pringle 2009; Boon and Raven 2012) but very few that combine the disciplinary mix described above. As stated in the concluding chapter key themes throughout the book include:
  • Understanding rivers and society through culture as coupled systems

  • Studying rivers and society as subsets of the whole ecological system

  • Capturing interactions that conserve or degrade river systems

The first seven chapters of the book present both theoretical perspectives on rivers and society and apply these perspectives to specific river watersheds. Chapter two presents rivers as complex adaptive...


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  1. 1.Department of Environmental Studies, 106 Marshall HallSUNY College of Environmental Science and ForestrySyracuseUSA

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