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Craig Childs: Review of apocalyptic planet: field guide to the future of the earth

Vintage, 2012
  • James EflinEmail author

Readers may be familiar with other books by Craig Childs, a gifted writer whom one does not imagine being indoors. In The Secret Knowledge of Water (Childs, 2001), Childs roams the deserts of the American Southwest, carrying very little gear and only one bottle of water. He seems to have a knack for knowing where to find water to keep him alive. Similarly, in Soul of Nowhere (2003), he continues to roam the desert landscape, finding and describing fantastic landscapes such as the Antelope Canyon in Utah. These are magnificent writings, linking the human spirit with the natural environment of arid places, and selected chapters from them would be easy to incorporate in courses that focus on earth science with a human dimension twist. They are also a delight to read, as Childs paints beautiful canvases with his writing.

In Apocalyptic Planet, Childs takes nine different adventures, mostly in North or South America but also one in Tibet, not only describing the treks, but most important...


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