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Kent Portney: Taking sustainable cities seriously: economic development, the environment and quality of life in American cities, 2nd edition

  • Richard C. SmardonEmail author
Book Review

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Kent Portney, Professor of Political Science at Tufts University, has revised his 2003 book on sustainable cities with this 2013 edition. He has added additional data and updated individual city case descriptions to paint a new picture of how American cities are addressing and implementing sustainability policies and programs. This is an important book because in this reviewer’s opinion, implementing sustainability practice is best done at the community or municipal level. Also, until recently, there has been much more progress in sustainability planning and implementation in Europe as opposed to North America (Smardon 2008).

As Portney states in his book preface: “Why do some cities embark on sustainability initiative and other do not? What factors are most conducive to the creation and operation of sustainability effort? What are the most effective sustainable program elements or components?” (Portney 2013xii). There are a number of textbooks that address how to...


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