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Estimation of glycemic carbohydrate and glycemic index/load of commonly consumed cereals, legumes and mixture of cereals and legumes

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International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Aim of the present study is to estimate glycemic carbohydrates and develop data base on glycemic index and glycemic load (GI and GL) of commonly consumed cereals and legumes by using Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) or World Health Organization (WHO) methods. The results of glycemic carbohydrates in rice was 79.22 %, wheat 63.26 % and pulses in the range from 51.24 % (green gram) to 56.22 %, (chana dhal), mixed dhal 40.09 %, wheat + chana dhal (60:40) 49.94 %, wheat + chana dhal + barley (40:30:30) was 46.89 %, respectively. The results of GI and GL of rice were the highest (GI–78.23, GL–49.38), followed by wheat chapatti (GI–65.66, GL–32.83). The pulses tested were showing lower values ranging from (GI–37.95 to 43.01 and GL–18.97 to 21.50), mixed dhal (GI–43.64, GL–21.82), wheat + chana dhal (60: 40) (GI–32.37, GL–16.18), wheat + chana dhal + barley (40:30:30) GI–39.27, GL–19.63, respectively. The results of the study indicated that pulses have low glycemic indices and glycemic loads, hence, could be safely used in the diet of diabetic patients.

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The author thanks to T. Longvah, Director, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, for his interest and encouragement.

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