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Evaluation of the radiotherapy and proton therapy improvements using gold nanoparticles

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An evaluation of the improvement in radiotherapy obtained using gold nanoparticles embedded in the tumor tissues is presented for traditional treatments using X-rays and electrons and for innovative proton therapy. The possible nanoparticles’ preparation via physical, by laser ablation in liquids, and chemical techniques is presented. The use of functionalized gold nanoparticles is discussed and results from the study of uptake and decay from mice living systems are reported.

The improvement obtainable in medical images and in the dose distribution enhancement in disease tissues with respect to healthy ones is investigated.


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Author thanks the useful collaboration with Prof. S. Cuzzocrea of the di Scienze Chimiche – CBFA of Università di Messina. This research was supported by University of Messina Research & Mobility 2016 Project (project code RES_AND_MOB_2016_TORRISI).


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