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Tsirelson-like spaces and complexity of classes of Banach spaces


Employing a construction of Tsirelson-like spaces due to Argyros and Deliyanni, we show that the class of all Banach spaces which are isomorphic to a subspace of \( c_{0} \) is a complete analytic set with respect to the Effros Borel structure of separable Banach spaces. Moreover, the classes of all separable spaces with the Schur property and of all separable spaces with the Dunford–Pettis property are \(\Pi ^{1}_{2} \)-complete.

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The author is grateful to the referees for numerous suggestions that helped to improve the manuscript.

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Correspondence to Ondřej Kurka.

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The research was supported by the grant GAČR 14-04892P. The author is a junior researcher in the University Centre for Mathematical Modelling, Applied Analysis and Computational Mathematics (MathMAC).

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  • Effros Borel structure
  • Complete analytic set
  • Tsirelson space
  • Banach space \( c_{0} \)
  • Schur property

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