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Dear Readers,

The recently introduced new Letter format as an additional option for publishing results in the European Actuarial Journal has received very positive response in our community. In the present issue you will already find three contributions in this new format, together with a survey paper by Matthias Scherer and Gerhard Stahl on the standard formula of Solvency II as well as a fine selection of original research papers and practitioners’ discussions across the various areas in the scope of the journal.

I would like to make you aware of the possibility to follow the journal on LinkedIn via the profile of the EAJ Association there, where freshly accepted papers will be announced as soon as they appear online. On that platform there is also the possibility for informal discussions and feedback on papers and topics of the EAJ.

It is furthermore my pleasure to congratulate Mogens Bladt, Søren Asmussen and Mogens Steffensen for receiving the Gauss Prize 2020 of the DGVFM for the best paper in the EAJ in that calendar year. Thanks to our publisher Springer, their award-winning paper “Matrix representations of life insurance payments” will be available on the journal webpage as an open-access article for the next 6 months.

As you may have heard, the EAJ Conference foreseen to take place in Lisbon in September this year unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the on-going travel restrictions in Europe and beyond. Next year, the conference will take place in Tartu, Estonia (August 22–24, 2022), and we look forward to return to Lisbon in one of the years after that!

Finally, there are also some good news concerning the member countries supporting our journal: the Spanish Actuarial Association recently joined the EAJ Association. On behalf of the Editorial Board I would like to welcome our Spanish colleagues and friends in the EAJ community!

With best wishes for a good and healthy summer,

Hansjörg Albrecher

Lausanne, April 2021

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