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New congruences for \(\ell \)-regular overpartition pairs


Let \(\overline{B}_{\ell }(n)\) denote the number of \(\ell -\) regular overpartition pairs of n. In this paper, we find some Ramanujan like congruences and infinite families of congruences for \(\overline{B}_{\ell }(n)\) for \(\ell \in \{3,4,5,8\}\). For example, for \(n \ge 0\) and \(\alpha \ge 0\), \(\overline{B}_{3}(4^{\alpha +1}(6n+5))\equiv 0\pmod {9}\), \(\overline{B}_{3}(12n+10)\equiv 0\pmod {9}\), \(\overline{B}_{5}(4n+3)\equiv 0\pmod {8}\) and \(\overline{B}_{8}(16n+12)\equiv 0\pmod {16}\).

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  • Congruences
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