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Chebyshev polynomial coefficient estimates for a class of analytic bi-univalent functions related to pseudo-starlike functions

  • Nanjundan Magesh
  • Serap Bulut


In this paper, we obtain initial coefficient bounds for functions belong to a subclass of analytic bi-univalent functions related to pseudo-starlike functions by using the Chebyshev polynomials and also we find Fekete-Szegö inequalities for this class.


Analytic functions Bi-univalent functions Coefficient bounds Chebyshev polynomial Fekete-Szegö problem Subordination 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 30C45 



The authors would like to thank the referees for their valuable suggestions and comments to the betterment of the article which is in the present form.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.P. G. and Research Department of Mathematics, Govt Arts College for MenKrishnagiriIndia
  2. 2.Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences, Arslanbey CampusKocaeli UniversityKartepe-KocaeliTurkey

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