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Numerical simulation of steel solidification in continuous casting


The present study deals with the numerical simulation of steel solidification in continuous casting. We consider a semi-discretization with respect to the time of the studied evolution problem; then we have to solve a sequence of stationary coupled problems. So, due to the fact that the temperature is assumed to be positive, after reformulation of the problem into a variational inequality, we study under appropriate assumptions the existence and uniqueness of the solution of the stationary coupled problems. We also consider a multivalued formulation of the same problem which allows to analyze the behavior of the iterative relaxation algorithms used for the solution of the discretized problems. Finally the numerical experiments are presented.

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  1. i.e. a proper function from V to \( ]- \infty , + \infty ]\) not identically equal to \(+ \infty \).

  2. i.e. a bilinear form, from \(V \times {V}^{\prime }\) onto \(\mathfrak {R}\).


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This study was possible thanks to a grant conceded to Miss Ghania Khenniche by the Algerian govermment. Also Miss Ghania Khenniche gratefully acknowledges support provided by the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse and the Institute of Research and computer science of Toulouse during her stage in France.

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  • Continuous casting
  • Solidification of steel
  • Sparse nonlinear systems
  • Relaxation method

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