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Cyclic Performance of RC Shear Wall Embedded with X-Shaped Web Reinforcement

  • Research Article-Civil Engineering
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Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Over the past few decades, the study on shear walls with various configurations of reinforcement detailing has shown significant growth due to its efficient performance under earthquake forces. The current work experimentally explores the seismic performance of reinforced concrete (RC) shear wall detailed with X-shaped web reinforcement configuration. Four numbers of 1:4 scaled models of RC shear wall specimens are tested under cyclic force combined with constant axial force. The first specimen is detailed with conventional reinforcement, whereas the remaining ones are detailed with X-shaped reinforcement embedded in the web portion. The failure characteristics and hysteresis curves of all the specimens are compared. The shear wall provided with more counts of X-shaped web reinforcement showed a desirable flexural failure mode with stable ductile hysteresis behavior. A theoretical equation is proposed to predict the lateral force capacity. Theoretically predicted lateral force showed a reasonable percentage of deviation compared with experimental lateral force. The experimental lateral capacity of RC shear wall was also verified using the finite element model in ANSYS software. It is observed that the results of FEA show similar patterns to the experimental one and predicted the non-linear behavior response of the specimen up to the peak stage. The structural properties including lateral strength, stiffness, energy dissipation and ductility are calculated at various loading stages. The results revealed that the specimens detailed with more counts of X-shaped web reinforcement showed improved elastic and inelastic response which resulted in superior structural properties compared with other specimens.

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