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Cloud Computing: A Multi-workflow Scheduling Algorithm with Dynamic Reusability


Cloud computing provides a dynamic environment of well-organized deployment of hardware and software that are common in nature and the requirement for propping up heterogeneous workflow applications to realize high performance and improved throughput where the most demanding task is multiple workflow applications surrounded by their fixed deadline. These workflow applications consist of interconnected jobs and data. Nevertheless, hardly any initiations are tailored on multi-workflow scheduling exertion. These scheduling problems have been considered methodically in cloud atmosphere. Accessibility of the computing resources on the data center (DC) provides the exact time of execution of each process, whereas the execution time of every process within a workflow is pre-calculated in the majority of the existing multi-workflow scheduling problem. System overhead so far is an additional concern at the same time as dynamically generating virtual machines (VMs) with salvage them dipping the power eating. The aim of this paper is to reduce the execution time of every job and finalize the execution of all workflow within its deadline by producing VMs dynamically in DC and recycle them as necessary. We recommend a dynamic multi-workflow scheduling algorithm formally named as competent dynamic multi-workflow scheduling (CDMWS) algorithm. Simulation process describes one of the best algorithms so far in terms of performance among subsistent algorithm and moves toward a new era of multi-workflow relevance.

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