On base radical and semisimple operators for a class of finite algebras

  • L. K. Thornton
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In this paper we determine the base radical and semisimple class operators for universal classes in a finite setting using algebras introduced by Puzcyłowski. The six possible orders for the semigroup they form are at most 14. A complete listing of base radical and semisimple operators for a number of different universal classes is provided.


Radical class Semisimple class Base radical Operator semigroup 

Mathematics Subject Classification

16N80 17A65 



The author would very much like to thank Dr. R. G. McDougall and Dr. N. R. McConnell for their helpful advice. The reviewer is to be thanked for the comments which greatly improved the readability of the paper and the proof enhancements for Proposition 7.


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  1. 1.University of the Sunshine CoastSippy DownsAustralia

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