Coaxial Electrospray Ionization for the Study of Rapid In-source Chemistry

  • Brynn N. Sundberg
  • Anthony F. LagalanteEmail author
Research Article


Coaxial electrospray has been used effectively for several dual-emitter applications, but has not been utilized for the study of rapid in-source chemistry. In this paper, we report the fabrication of a coaxial, micro-volume dual-emitter through the modification of a manufacturer’s standard electrospray probe. This modification creates rapid mixing inside the Taylor cone and the ability to manipulate fast reactions using a variety of solvents and analytes. We demonstrate its potential as a low-cost, dual-emitter assembly for diverse applications through three examples: relative ionization in a biphasic electrospray, hydrogen-deuterium exchange, and protein supercharging.

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Coaxial electrospray Hydrogen-deuterium exchange Protein folding Biphasic electrospray ionization Supercharging 


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