Improved Miniaturized Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer Using Lithographically Patterned Plates and Tapered Ejection Slit

  • Yuan Tian
  • Trevor K. Decker
  • Joshua S. McClellan
  • Linsey Bennett
  • Ailin Li
  • Abraham De la Cruz
  • Derek Andrews
  • Stephen A. Lammert
  • Aaron R. Hawkins
  • Daniel E. Austin
Focus: 32nd Asilomar Conference, Novel Instrumentation in MS and Ion Mobility: Research Article


We present a new two-plate linear ion trap mass spectrometer that overcomes both performance-based and miniaturization-related issues with prior designs. Borosilicate glass substrates are patterned with aluminum electrodes on one side and wire-bonded to printed circuit boards. Ions are trapped in the space between two such plates. Tapered ejection slits in each glass plate eliminate issues with charge build-up within the ejection slit and with blocking of ions that are ejected at off-nominal angles. The tapered slit allows miniaturization of the trap features (electrode size, slit width) needed for further reduction of trap size while allowing the use of substrates that are still thick enough to provide ruggedness during handling, assembly, and in-field applications. Plate spacing was optimized during operation using a motorized translation stage. A scan rate of 2300 Th/s with a sample mixture of toluene and deuterated toluene (D8) and xylenes (a mixture of o-, m-, p-) showed narrowest peak widths of 0.33 Th (FWHM).

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Linear ion trap (LIT) Plate spacing Resolution Scan rate Miniaturization Microfabrication 



The authors are grateful for financial support from the National Science Foundation (USA), Chemical Measurement and Imaging Program, award #1404886.


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  • Yuan Tian
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  • Trevor K. Decker
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  • Joshua S. McClellan
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  • Linsey Bennett
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  • Ailin Li
    • 1
  • Abraham De la Cruz
    • 1
  • Derek Andrews
    • 2
  • Stephen A. Lammert
    • 3
  • Aaron R. Hawkins
    • 2
  • Daniel E. Austin
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Chemistry and BiochemistryBrigham Young UniversityProvoUSA
  2. 2.Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringBrigham Young UniversityProvoUSA
  3. 3.PerkinElmerAmerican ForkUSA

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