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Table 15 Optional quality control checklist for inspection quality assessment

From: Evaluation of the consistency of bridge inspection quality in New York State

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1 Gen. Rec.—Is the number appropriate for the ratings and comments in the inspection report?
2 Access—is the actual access used to inspect the bridge noted on the form?
3 Flag Desc.—Are all current or reissued flags briefly summarized?
4 Span Nos.—Are the correct number of spans inspected?
5 Special Emphasis—Does the special emphasis section in the report indicate non-redundant, fracture-critical, pins and hangers, fatigue-prone details, etc.?
6 100% Hands-On—is this noted as being completed for fracture-critical members and/or special emphasis details?
7 100% Hands-on—is the 100% hands-on inspection completed or waived for weld categories D, E, and/or E' welds?
8 Last Span Pier = 8—Are all pier items rated 8 for single-span bridges and for the last span of multi-span bridges?
9 Last Span Joint = 8—Is the superstructure joint for a single span bridge, or for the last span of a multi-span bridge rated 8?
10 Droplines -Were dropline readings taken along both fascias for bridges over water, and if not, is there a valid reason why not?
11 Droplines—are the readings within a tolerance of ± 1.0 ft from the control inspection readings?
12 Scour—Is the extent of scouring clearly documented by sketches, if scour is a notable issue?
13 Scour—Are channel profiles near substructures taken if water depth or turbidity precludes a visual inspection?
14 Is water depth measured and documented?
15 Photos—Are all photos located in the photo location sketch?
16 Photos—Are all photo locations depicted in the sketch accurate?
17 Access Form—was it completed when there was a change from the access shown on the preprinted TP 349?
18 Elect. Prox.—If required, was the Overhead Electric Survey form (BD 241) completed?
19 Welds Located—Were D, E, and E' category welds located on sketches in the Special Emphasis section of the report?
20 Category—Were all D, E, and E' welds properly identified?
21 NR-FCM Drawn—Does the Special Emphasis section have sketches identified in all non-redundant and fracture-critical members/details?
22 Signature—Is report signed by the team leader?
23 Date—Is the date on the report the same date as the last day in the field?
24 Insp. Agency—Is this coded correctly?
25 Type of Inspection—Is this coded correctly?
26 9 s (Unknown)—Is a comment provided for every item (except footings and piles) that is rated 9?
27 Field Notes—Is the recorded date consistent with dates on all inspection documents?
28 Are the date, arrival, departure, temperature and weather blanks completed?
29 Photos—Are all standard photographs (as per the NYS BIM) present?
30 North Arrow—is the North arrow present in the photo diagram?
31 Flow—Is the stream flow direction shown on the photo location sketch for bridges over water?
32 Photos—are above- and below-deck photographs differentiated on the photo diagram?