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A necessary condition for weak maximum modulus sets of 2-analytic functions

  • Abtin Daghighi


Let \({\varOmega }\subset \mathbb {C}\) be a domain and let \(f(z)=a(z)+\bar{z}b(z),\) where ab are holomorphic for \(z\in {\varOmega }.\) Denote by \({\varLambda }\) the set of points in \({\varOmega }\) at which \(\left| f\right| \) attains weak local maximum and denote by \({\varSigma }\) the set of points in \({\varOmega }\) at which \(\left| f\right| \) attains strict local maximum. We prove that for each \(p\in {\varLambda }\setminus {\varSigma }\),
$$\begin{aligned} \left| b(p)\right| =\left| \left( \frac{\partial a}{\partial z} +\bar{z}\frac{\partial b}{\partial z}\right) (p)\right| \end{aligned}$$
Furthermore, if there is a real analytic curve \(\kappa :I\rightarrow {\varLambda }\setminus {\varSigma }\) (where I is an open real interval), if ab are complex polynomials, and if \(f\circ \kappa \) has a complex polynomial extension, then either f is constant or \(\kappa \) has constant curvature.


Polyanalytic functions q-Analytic functions Peak sets Maximum modulus sets 

Mathematics Subject Classification

30G30 35B50 35G05 



The author is grateful to the referee for helpful comments and new insights.

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