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Two weight inequalities for bilinear forms

  • Kangwei Li


Let \(1\le p_0<p,q <q_0\le \infty \). Given a pair of weights \((w,\sigma )\) and a sparse family \({\mathcal {S}}\), we study the two weight inequality for the following bi-sublinear form
$$\begin{aligned} B(f, g)= \sum _{Q\in {\mathcal {S}}}\langle |f|^{p_0}\rangle _Q^{\frac{1}{p_0}} \langle |g|^{q_0'}\rangle _Q^{\frac{1}{q_0'}}\lambda _Q\le \mathcal N\Vert f\Vert _{L^{p}(w)}\Vert g\Vert _{L^{q'}(\sigma )}. \end{aligned}$$
When \(\lambda _Q=|Q|\) and \(p=q\), Bernicot, Frey and Petermichl showed that B(fg) dominates \(\langle Tf, g\rangle \) for a large class of singular non-kernel operators. We give a characterization for the above inequality and then obtain the mixed \(A_p-A_\infty \) estimates and the corresponding entropy bounds when \(\lambda _Q=|Q|\) and \(p=q\). We also propose a new conjecture which implies both the one supremum conjecture and the separated bump conjecture.


\(A_p-A_\infty \) estimates Two weight theorem One supremum estimate Separated bump conjecture 

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The author would like to thank Prof. Tuomas P. Hytönen for suggesting this problem and for many helpful discussions which improve the quality of this paper.


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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics and Statistics, P.O.B. 68 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2b)University of HelsinkiHelsinkiFinland

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