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Table 2 Selected examples of drug delivery system technologies that have been utilised in marketed pharmaceutical products

From: Chronotherapy based on modified-release hydrocortisone to restore the physiological cortisol diurnal rhythm

Technology Overview Drug/company
CODAS® (chronotherapeutic oral drug absorption system) Non-enteric release-controlling polymers applied to drug-loaded beads where the release-controlling polymer is a combination of water-soluble and waster-insoluble polymers resulting in pH-independent drug release Verapamil (Elan Drug Technologies, Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
OROS® A ‘push–pull’ multi-layer tablet system for poorly water-soluble drugs. The ‘pull’ drug layer contains the poorly soluble drug, suspending and osmotic agents with the ‘push’ layer containing water-soluble swellable polymers Nifedipine (ALZA Corp, CA, USA)
Geoclock® Press-coated tablets with slow release outer coat and an immediate-release inner core to allow pH-independent timed release of drug Prednisolone (SkyPharma, London, UK)
Diffucaps® A multi-particulate bead system comprising multiple layers of drug, excipients and release-controlling polymers Cyclobenzaprine (Eurand, OH, USA)
Pulsys® Multi-component tablet consisting of one immediate-release and two delayed-release components Amoxicillin (Middlebrook Pharmaceuticals, MD, USA)
Pulsincap™ Non-disintegrating half capsule body sealed at the open end with a hydrogel plug that is covered with a water-soluble cap Diclofenac sodium (RP Sherer Corporation, MI, USA)