Prediction of putative regulatory elements in the subgenomic promoters of cucumber green mottle mosaic virus and their interactions with the RNA dependent RNA polymerase domain


Characterization of the subgenomic RNA (sgRNA) promoter of many plant viruses is important to understand the expression of downstream genes and also to configure their genome into a suitable virus gene-vector system. Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV, genus Tobamovirus) is one of the RNA viruses, which is extensively being exploited as the suitable gene silencing and protein expression vector. Even though, characters of the sgRNA promoters (SGPs) of CGMMV are yet to be addressed. In the present study, we predicted the SGP for the movement protein (MP) and coat protein (CP) of CGMMV. Further, we identified the key regulatory elements in the SGP regions of MP and CP, and their interactions with the core RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) domain of CGMMV was deciphered. The modeled structure of core RdRp contains two palm (1–41 aa, and 63–109 aa), one finger (42–62 aa) subdomains with three conserved RdRp motifs that played important role in binding to the SGP nucleic acids. RdRp strongly preferred the double helix form of the stem region in the stem and loop (SL) structures, and the internal bulge elements. In MP-SGP, a total of six elements was identified; of them, the affinity of binding to − 26 nt to − 17 nt site (CGCGGAAAAG) was higher through the formation of strong hydrogen bonds with LYS16, TYR17, LYS19, SER20, etc. of the motif A in the palm subdomain of RdRp. Similar strong interactions were noticed in the internal bulge (CAACUUU) located at + 33 to + 39 nt adjacent to the translation start site (TLSS) (+ 1). These could be proposed as the putative core promoter elements in MP-SGP. Likewise, total five elements were predicted within − 114 nt to + 144 nt region of CP-SGP with respect to CP-TLSS. Of them, RdRp preferred to bind at the small hairpin located at − 60 nt to − 43 nt (UUGGAGGUUUAGCCUCCA) in the upstream region, and at the complex duplex structure spanning between + 99 and + 114 nt in the downstream region, thus indicating the distribution of core promoter within − 60 nt to + 114 nt region of CP-SGP with respect to TLSS (+ 1) of the CP; whereas, the − 114 nt to + 144 nt region of CP-SGP might be necessary for the full activity of the CP-SGP. Our in silico prediction certifies the gravity of these nucleotide stretches as the RNA regulatory elements and identifies their potentiality for binding with of palm and finger sub-domain of RdRp. Identification of such elements will be helpful to anticipate the critical length of the SGPs. Our finding will not only be helpful to delineate the SGPs of CGMMV but also their subsequent application in the efficient construction of virus gene-vector for the expression of foreign protein in plant.

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