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A new variant of Croton yellow vein mosaic virus naturally infecting wild sunflower in India


During 2015–2016, wild sunflower (Verbesina encelioides) was observed with bright yellow vein mosaic symptims in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The initial analysis by PCR with a pair of coat protein based primers revealed the association of a begomovirus. Further, the virus was identified by rolling circle amplification and cloning of the complete genome. The DNA-A (2671 nucleotides, MH359168) with the genome organisation typical of the Old World begomovirus shared 98% sequence identity with that of Croton yellow vein mosaic virus (CYVMV) reported from India. The betasatellite (MH359169) associated with the disease shared 92% sequence identity with papaya leaf curl betasatellite (KY825245). The results showed that the wild sunflower is a new alternate host of CYVMV. The study also revealed a natural association of heterologous betasatellite with CYVMV in wild sunflower exhibiting yellow vein mosaic symptoms.

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Authors are thankful to Prof. V. K. Baranwal, Incharge Advance Centre for Plant Viruses, Division of Plant Pathology, Indian Agriculture Research Institute Pusa, New Delhi, for his valuable suggestions during the study.

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