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Molecular characterization and phylogenetic study of the fusion genes of Newcastle disease virus from the recent outbreaks in Ahvaz, Iran

  • Zahra BoroomandEmail author
  • Ramezan Ali Jafari
  • Mansour Mayahi
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Newcastle disease (ND) is an acute and highly contagious disease affecting many domestic and wild species of birds. Its effects are most notable in domestic poultry due to their high susceptibility and the potential for severe impacts of an epizootic on the poultry industry. In this study, partial sequences of fusion genes of three Newcastle disease virus (NDV) isolates collected during 2013–14 outbreaks from the vaccinated commercial broiler chicken farms with high mortality around Ahvaz city (Southwest of Iran) were characterized. All three isolates showed the amino acid sequence 112RRQKRF117 at the C-terminus of the F2 protein and phenylalanine at the N-terminus of the F1 protein residue 117. These amino acid sequences were identical to a known virulent motif. The phylogenetic analysis revealed that the Iranian ND isolates in this study are closely related to the genotype VIId of class II NDV strains. Our results specified that there are velogenic NDV circulating in Ahvaz commercial broiler flocks and causing outbreaks in poultry industry.


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The authors would like to express their gratitude to the vice-chancellor for research of Shahid Chamran University (Ahvaz, Iran) for providing financial support of this work.


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  • Zahra Boroomand
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    Email author
  • Ramezan Ali Jafari
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  • Mansour Mayahi
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  1. 1.Department of Avian Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary MedicineShahid Chamran University of AhvazAhvazIran

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