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Eigenvalues of the bilayer graphene operator with a complex valued potential


We study the spectrum of a system of second order differential operator \(D_m\) perturbed by a non-selfadjoint matrix valued potential V. We prove that eigenvalues of \(D_m+V\) are located near the edges of the spectrum of the unperturbed operator \(D_m\).

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Safronov, O., Laptev, A. & Ferrulli, F. Eigenvalues of the bilayer graphene operator with a complex valued potential. Anal.Math.Phys. 9, 1535–1546 (2019).

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  • Bilayer Graphene
  • Unperturbed Operator
  • Dimensional Dirac Operator
  • Birman-Schwinger Principle
  • Matrix-valued Function