Research on a new fiber-optic axial pressure sensor of transformer winding based on fiber Bragg grating


Based on the principle of the fiber Bragg grating, a new type of fiber-optic pressure sensor for axial force measurement of transformer winding is designed, which is designed with the structure of bending plate beam, the optimization of the packaging process, and material of the sensor. Through the calibration experiment to calibrate the sensor, the field test results of the Taikai transformer factory show that the sensitivity of the sensor is 0.133 pm/kPa and the repeatability error is 2.7% FS. The data of the fiber-optic pressure sensor in different positions maintain consistent and repeatable, which can meet the requirement of the real-time monitoring of the axial force of transformer winding.


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This work was partly supported by the Natural Science Fund Plan of Shandong Province (No. 2016ZRC01104) and Natural Science Foundation Doctoral Fund of Shandong Province (No. ZR2016FB03).

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  • Transformer winding
  • pressure sensor
  • fiber Bragg grating (FBG)
  • axial force