The impact of experience on short- and long-term outcomes on gastric ESD: a western series

  • F. Catalano
  • V. MengardoEmail author
  • A. Trecca
  • A. Tomezzoli
  • L. Rodella
  • A. Cerofolini
  • G. Verlato
  • G. de Manzoni
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Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) represents the standard of care for early gastric cancer in Eastern countries. Nevertheless, in the West, this procedure is not widespread. Aim of the study was to confirm the feasibility and the efficacy of ESD in the West. A total of 60 ESD were performed between January 2005 and December 2014 by two expert endoscopists. The analysis, based on a retrospective collected database, was conducted by dividing the study period in three subgroups. Clinical and technical outcomes have been compared. Rates of complete, curative and en bloc resection did not significantly change among the study periods. Three cases of perforation occurred (5%), one in each period. The operation time significantly decreased from the second to the third period (p < 0.001). When adjusting for gender, tumor size and site in multivariable analysis, operation time decreased by nearly 90 min from the first to the second period, and by more than 3 h from the first to the last period. The median follow-up was 33 months. No cases of local or lymphnodal recurrence were detected during the study period. One patient presented a synchronous lesion, whilst four metachronous lesions have been discovered after a median follow-up of 11 months. Our experience supports the feasibility and safety of ESD in the West, if an adequate learning curve is accomplished. Long-term outcomes are comparable to the Eastern series.


ESD Gastric cancer Early gastric cancer Western experience 




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