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A comparison between modified Alvarado score and RIPASA score in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis

  • Anand SinglaEmail author
  • Satpaul Singla
  • Mohinder Singh
  • Deeksha Singla
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Acute appendicitis is a common but elusive surgical condition and remains a diagnostic dilemma. It has many clinical mimickers and diagnosis is primarily made on clinical grounds, leading to the evolution of clinical scoring systems for pin pointing the right diagnosis. The modified Alvarado and RIPASA scoring systems are two important scoring systems, for diagnosis of acute appendicitis. We prospectively compared the two scoring systems for diagnosing acute appendicitis in 50 patients presenting with right iliac fossa pain. The RIPASA score correctly classified 88 % of patients with histologically confirmed acute appendicitis compared with 48.0 % with modified Alvarado score, indicating that RIPASA score is more superior to Modified Alvarado score in our clinical settings.


Acute appendicitis Modified Alvarado score RIPASA score Diagnosis and comparison 


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There is no conflict of interests between the authors.

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Informed written consent was taken from all the participants involved in the study.


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