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Table 2 Base case analysis when the effects of increased risk of related events due to medical histories were/were not considered

From: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Linagliptin in Japan Based on Results from the Asian Subpopulation in the CARMELINA® Trial

  Lifetime cost (yen) Incremental costs (yen) QALYs QALYs gained ICER (yen/QALYs)
Medical history considered     
 SoC 14,737,747 5.75
 Linagliptin plus SoC 14,192,428 − 545,319 7.09 1.34 Dominant
Medical history not considered    
 SoC 14,304,557 9.57
 Linagliptin plus SoC 10,257,312 − 4,047,246 10.26 0.69 Dominant
  1. ICER incremental cost-effectiveness ratio, QALYs quality-adjusted life years, SoC standard of care