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Table 2 Characteristics of the major trials that evaluated sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitors in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM)

From: Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter 2 Inhibitors and Fracture Risk

ReferencesTrialnInclusion criteriaAge (years)Female (%)BMI (kg/m2)T2DM duration (yearsFollow-up (years)Fracture risk
[7]CANVAS10,142Established CVD or age ≥ 50 years with ≥ 2 cardiovascular risk factors633632.013.52.4HR 1.26, 95% CI 1.04–1.52
[26]CREDENCE4401Chronic kidney disease633431.315.82.6HR 0.98, 95% CI 0.70–1.37
[8]DECLARE-TIMI 5817,160Established CVD or multiple cardiovascular risk factors643732.010.54.2HR 1.04, 95% CI 0.91–1.18
[27]DAPA-HF1983New York Heart Association class II, III, or IV heart failure and ejection fraction ≤ 40%662328.2NR1.82.1% in both placebo and dapagliflozin group
[9]EMPA-REG OUTCOME7020Established CVD632930.6NR3.13.9% and 3.8% in the placebo and empagliflozin group, respectively
  1. BMI body mass index, CANVAS Canagliflozin Cardiovascular Assessment Study, CVD cardiovascular disease, HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval, CREDENCE Canagliflozin and Renal Events in Diabetes with Established Nephropathy Clinical Evaluation, DECLARE-TIMI 58 Dapagliflozin Effect on Cardiovascular Events trial, DAPA-HF Dapagliflozin and Prevention of Adverse Outcomes in Heart Failure, NR not reported, EMPA-REG OUTCOME Empagliflozin Cardiovascular Outcome Event Trial in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients trial