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The Stockholm Memorandum

Tipping the Scales Towards Sustainability

18 May 2011

3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability, Stockholm, Sweden.

We are the first generation facing the evidence of global change. It therefore falls upon us to change our relationship with the planet, in order to tip the scales towards a sustainable world for future generations.

Mind-Shift for a Great Transformation

The Earth system is complex. There are many aspects that we do not yet understand. Nevertheless, we are the first generation with the insight of the new global risks facing humanity.

We face the evidence that our progress as the dominant species has come at a very high price. Unsustainable patterns of production, consumption, and population growth are challenging the resilience of the planet to support human activity. At the same time inequalities between and within societies remain high, leaving behind thousands of millions with unmet basic human needs and disproportionate vulnerability to global environmental change.

This situation concerns us...

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