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RBPJ inhibition impairs the growth of lung cancer

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The exact effects of the modulation of Notch signaling pathway on cell growth have been shown to depend on tumor cell type. Recombination signal-binding protein Jκ (RBPJ) is a key transcription factor downstream of receptor activation in Notch signaling pathway. Here, we evaluated the effects of RBPJ inhibition on the growth of lung cancer cells. We found that a short hairpin interfering RNA (shRNA) for RBPJ efficiently inhibited RBPJ expression in lung cancer cells, resulting in a significant decrease in the cell growth. Further analyses showed that RBPJ inhibition altered the levels of its downstream targets, including p21, p27, CDK2, Hes1, Bcl-2, and SKP2, to prevent the cells from growing. Our data thus suggest that shRNA intervention of RBPJ expression could be a promising therapeutic approach for treating human lung cancer.


RBPJ Cancer growth Lung cancer Notch signaling pathway 


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