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Design and aeroelastic assessment of a forward-swept wing aircraft

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Aeroelastic effects strongly influence the design of an aircraft. To be able to assess those effects early on, reliable simulation models representing the global aeroelastic properties of a new design are required. At a conceptual or a pre-design stage, an intelligent parameterization concept allows for limited changes of the configuration while the simulation models are adapted accordingly. In the DLR project Integrated Green Aircraft, the goal was to investigate the impact of technologies for the reduction of fuel consumption on the aeroelastic properties of aircraft. One main aspect was the influence of laminar wing design on divergence, flutter and dynamic loads. As the reference aircraft in the project, the concept of a forward-swept wing aircraft with rear-mounted engines has been analysed. An aeroelastic model has been built up in the project. The model design procedure is based on the DLR in-house tool set MONA (ModGen/NASTRAN). Focus of this design process is the generation of a parameterized structural model, representing the global dynamic properties of the elastic aircraft, but as detailed as reasonable to capture relevant local effects and to result in a feasible structural design. In the article, the aircraft design is presented. The modelling and sizing process for the structure is described. Results of the loads analysis as well as of the aeroelastic stability analyses are discussed.

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