Hidden Markov Models for Time Series: An Introduction Using R, 2nd Edition, by  Walter Zucchini, Iain L. MacDonald, and Roland Langrock

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The second edition of Hidden Markov models for time series: an introduction using R, authored by Walter Zucchini, Iain L. MacDonald, and Roland Langrock, provides an excellent treatise about hidden Markov models (HMMs) and their applications. Because of the gentle conceptual and theoretical development, and the judicious provision of R code, this book will be very tractable to those looking for an introduction to the topic of HMMs with the intent of using them as soon as possible, as well as those wanting to review or expand their existing theoretical understanding. I anticipate that this book will occupy an important place in my collection, and indeed have already had the opportunity to use it in several research projects. I would recommend this book in particular to quantitative and statistical ecologists, biometricians, and statisticians.

This book spans a considerable wealth of material related to HMMs, including their basic structure and inferential approaches (Part 1), extensions...

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