Role of 17 α Hydroxy Progesterone Caproate (17OHPC) in the Prevention of Preterm Labor

  • Asma Nigar
  • S. Hakim
  • Zehra MohsinEmail author
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To evaluate the role of 17 α hydroxyprogesterone caproate (17OHPC) in the prevention of preterm labor in high risk asymptomatic patients with a history of preterm delivery.


The study included 96 patients with a singleton pregnancy and having a prior preterm birth. They were divided in 2 groups, group I (treatment group) included 46 asymptomatic patients who were given 17OHPC injections starting from 16–20 weeks till 36 weeks and group II (control group) included 50 patients who did not receive any treatment.


The incidence of preterm delivery was found to be 6.9 %. The median gestational age at delivery was 36 weeks in group I and 33 W5D in controls. 50 % cases in group I and 80 % of controls delivered prematurely in the group with a prior preterm birth between 20–28 weeks.


In patients who had a prior history of a preterm delivery the recurrence of a preterm birth was less in the treated group as compared to controls. The median gestational age at delivery was significantly higher in 17OHPC treated patients with history of earliest prior preterm delivery at 20–28 weeks.


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