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Characterization of a thermo-adapted strain of Zymomonas mobilis for ethanol production at high temperature

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A thermo-adapted strain of Zymomonas mobilis designated ZM AD41 that capable of growth and ethanol production at high temperature was obtained using the thermal stress adaptation technique. This thermo-adapted strain exhibited approximately 1.8- and 27-fold higher growth rate than the wild-type at 39 °C and 41 °C, respectively. It was more resistant to stress induced by acetic acid at 200 mM and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) at 0.4 mM and produced approximately 1.8- and 38.6-fold higher ethanol concentrations than the wild-type at 39 °C and 41 °C, respectively. Moreover, it had better sedimentation performance during ethanol fermentation at high temperature than the wild-type. Based on the growth performance, heat, acetic acid and H2O2 stress treatments, sedimentation characteristics, and ethanol fermentation capability, Z. mobilis ZM AD41 was a good candidate for ethanol production at high temperature.

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This study was financially supported by the Thailand Research Fund (TRF), Thailand through the Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. Program (Grant no. PHD/0198/2553). The authors are very grateful to the Fermentation Research Center for Value Added Agricultural Products, Khon Kaen University, and the New Core to Core Program (CCP) A. Advanced Research Networks on “Establishment of an International Research Core for New Bio-research Fields with Microbes from Tropical Areas World Class Research Hub of Tropical Microbial Resources and Their Utilization” for use of the facilities and technical support.

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JS performed the experiments and collected the data. MY participated in the data analysis of stress treatments. PK participated in the design of the experiments and drafting the manuscript. PT contributed to the design of the experiments, conducted and analyzed the experimental data, and writing the manuscript. All of the authors read, corrected and approved the final manuscript.

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Correspondence to Pornthap Thanonkeo.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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