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Acknowledgement to referees

Acknowledgement to Referees

The Chief Editors and the Editorial Board thank the reviewers listed below for their contribution and time-consuming efforts in refereeing papers submitted to 3 Biotech in 2017. Their timely response and critical comments have not only assisted us in the selection of high-quality scientific work, but their critique is also appreciated by authors as it frequently assists them to improve the style and content of their publications.

A. Remakanthan, India

Aasim, Muhammad, Turkey

Abdallah, Naglaa, Egypt

Abdel Hady, Heba, Egypt

Abdelhamid, Mohamed, Egypt

Abdul Wahab, Mohd. Firdaus, Malaysia

Abdulaziz, Anas, India

Abubacker, M.N., India

Abu-Romman, Saeid, Jordan

Abussaud, M.J, Jordan

Achal, Varenyam, China

Achar, Premila, South Africa

Adelskov, Joseph, Australia

Adugna, Asfaw, Islamic Republic of Iran

Agaram Sundaram, Vickram, India

Aggarwal, Neelam, United States

Agrawal, Deepti, India

Ahemad, Khursheed, India

Ahmad, Iqbal, India

Ahmed, Warish, Australia

Ahu, Altinkut Uncuoglu, Turkey


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