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Table 2 Units of the USS of the Zubair Formation after (Al-jafar and Al-jabry 2019)

From: Determination of clay minerals using gamma ray spectroscopy for the Zubair Formation in Southern Iraq

Formation Member BOC Units Units 1 Units 2 Lithology
ZUBAIR Upper Sandstone Member (USS) Z/2 U SS Mb AB A Sandstone
U sand C C B_0 Shale
U sand DJ H3 B Sandstone
U sand J2 H2 C
U sand J1 H1 D
U sand K K K Shale
U sand L L3 E Sandstone
U sand L2 L2 F
U sand L1 L1 G
U sand M M H0 Shale
U sand N N H1 Sandstone