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System reconfiguration under open phase fault in a three-phase induction motor field-oriented controlled


The purpose of this paper is to present a system reconfiguration for a three-phase induction motor (IM) in the event of an open-phase (OP) fault. After the occurrence of the fault, the challenge is how to ensure a safe operation when the IM is only supplied by two phases. The star point of stator is used to reconfigure the IM supply, and a fault tolerant rotor field-oriented control (FT-RFOC) is implemented. Consequently, an equivalent mathematical two-phase model is firstly calculated based on the two available currents. Modifications on the conventional space vector modulation (SVM) algorithm are also introduced in order to control the reconfigured inverter. This system reconfiguration is applied to achieve a safe post-operating after the occurrence of the OP fault. The implemented tests confirm the proposal and prove its effectiveness to compensate for the fault effect.

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