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Behavior and profit analysis of a thresher plant under steady state


In present paper, behavior and profit analysis of a thresher plant in agriculture using RPGT under steady state and given assumptions having single server has been discussed. A thresher plant is divided into three sub- systems namely, Blower (B), Concave (C) and Feeding hopper (T) for ease of computations, otherwise system may also be discussed by dividing it into a greater number of sub-systems for more accurate results depending upon the availability of resources. The system is working in full capacity when all sub-systems are working in full capacity and works in reduced state if one or more sub-systems are working in reduced state. In case, if one or more subsystems flop, at that time the whole system fails. There is a single server who is 24*7 h available and repairs all subsystems. Various system parameters, i.e., mean sojourn times, MTSF, server of busy period, expected number of server’s visits and Profit function using Regenerative Point Graphical Technique (RPGT) are derived; results are presented by tables, graphs, and followed by analysis. Particular cases are also discussed to validate the results obtained.

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The author wants to express her true thanks to her guides for their consistent guidance and backing.


This research received no specific grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors.

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