Systematic risks assessment of precast concrete canal in irrigation projects using DEMATEL method


Traditional and low efficiency of water use will not be able to meet the current trends in agricultural development, therefore water consumption is the most crucial issue. In this regard, One of the best ways to increase water resources is to promote existing water systems and thus provide more water. For this aim, the construction of terrestrial canals has been changed to precast concrete canals. The construction of precast concrete canals is an uncertain process therefore an accurate evaluation of risk for the success of this project, is necessary. A case study of a precast concrete canal to transfer water in the Sistan plain of Iran is presented. A total of eight potential risks is selected on the basis of the precast concrete canal construction process through Delphi method. By using the Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL), the risks at the most critical status, associated with process of construction, is determined.

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  • Risk assessment
  • Precast concrete canal
  • Irrigation projects