Statistical bootstrap in the problem of availability factor estimating: example of SRs 1200 excavator reliability


It is difficult sometimes to estimate the confidence intervals for the particular statistics, because there is no so far for some of them mathematical expression for their variance. That is true for availability factor—complex characteristic of restorable items reliability. Statistical bootstrap, as one of resampling methods, has been applied to this problem. Availability of subsystems of rotary excavator has been considered using the proposed method. The data of reliability were collected in Serbia, at open coal development. The proposed model is based on statistical bootstrap method. On the basis of proposed method, the availability factor confidence intervals and histograms for excavator subsystems were built. The availability factor of the system in a whole was also evaluated. The results, as well as comparison with existing approaches, are presented. The attempt has been made to estimate the risk factor of subsystems using the data of availability.

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Appendix 1

Rotary excavator SRs 1200 × 24/4 × 0(400 kW) + VR, No. 5

The excavator was used in opencast coal development Field D, Open coal development Kolubara, Lazarevac, Serbia Electrical. A backhoe works on digging the earth. Digging Yalova earth runs to a depth of 120–180 m until it starts to do the digging for coal. Sometimes on the surface of the yalovoy earth digging 3 bucket wheel excavators operate at the same time, in different positions.

Were examined serially connected subsystems of the excavator SRs 1200x24/4x0(400 kW) + VR. Photo of the excavator is shown in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3

General view of the excavator

Main parameters of the excavator:

  • manufacturer: Förderanlagen und Baumaschinen GmbH, Magdeburg, Germany:

  • operating weight: 1.528 t,

  • digging height: 24 m,

  • digging depth: 4 m,

  • power reducer impeller drive: 400 kW,

  • theoretical capacity (100% filling of the bucket Yalova earth): 3.465 m3/h,

  • rotor diameter: 8.2 m,

  • number of buckets: 8,

  • bucket capacity: 800 l.

Every year the planned preventive maintenance is carried out. Nether the less the failures of the subsystems of machine take place. Subsystems are restored, repaired products, therefore, to characterize their reliability the availability factor AF is used. In the process of operation after completion of annual maintenance during the calendar year, the observation of the technical state of its subsystems is carried out.

Appendix 2

The data, which were used for statistical modeling bootstrap for estimation of availability factor variability, are shown in Table 6.

Table 6 Up-states and down-states of the system of material digging

The Table 6 gives the example of reliability list of subsystem “digging of material”, MKM. Here in the Table, R—time in up-state, min; O—down-state. The entries go consequently as they were registered during one year service.

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  • Statistical bootstrap
  • Reliability
  • Rotor excavator
  • Availability factor
  • Confidence intervals
  • Risk evaluation