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AHP-Entropy based priority assessment of factors to reduce aviation fuel consumption


With the projected air traffic growth, aviation fuel needs will grow by 3% globally per year. Considering this, aviation industry has set ambitious goals to enhance its fuel efficiency. This study presents an integrated framework for aviation fuel consumption reduction, which will also limit its CO2 emissions. Further, this research aims to categorize influential factors and examine their relative importance for fuel-efficient aviation. This study’s theoretical framework combines and reconciles eight major areas: alternative jet fuels, aviation infrastructure, aircraft operations, socio-ecopolitical environment, aircraft design, technology, environmental uncertainty, and strategic changes. In all, 37 sub-factors were identified. The priority ratings of these sub-factors with respect to ‘aviation fuel consumption reduction’ objective is measured by hybrid analytical hierarchy process-entropy method, using pair-wise comparison matrices. The findings attributed the highest importance to ‘technological innovations’, followed by ‘aircraft design’ and ‘aircraft operations’ for saving aviation fuel. Based on the obtained ranking ‘engine design’, ‘laminar flow technology’, and ‘air traffic management technology’ emerged as the three most important sub-factors. The robustness of priority rankings has been tested using sensitivity analysis. This study shows the path for continuous improvement in aviation fuel efficiency by directing efforts and investments on highly important factors.

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