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Conditions of enzyme-assisted extraction to increase the recovery of flavanone aglycones from pectin waste


The citrus pectin by-product (CPB), generated from pectin industry, is a rich-source of flavanones, but not explored until now. As most of these compounds are inside vacuoles or bound to cell wall matrix, enzymatic hydrolysis was applied on their recovery, followed by hydroalcoholic and ultrasound extraction. Different parameters were studied: enzymes (β-glucosidase, tannase, and cellulase), their concentration (5, 10, and 20 U g−1 CPB), and reaction time (6, 12, and 24 h). Extracts were characterized in total phenolic content (TPC), antioxidant capacity (ORAC and DPPH assays), and polyphenolic profile (HPLC–DAD). All enzymatic treatments significantly improved CPB antioxidant capacity and TPC, compared with hydroalcoholic and ultrasound extraction. β-glucosidase (5 U) for 24 h was the most effective in polyphenol extraction and bioconversion, followed by β-glucosidase (5 U) for 12 h and tannase (5 U) for 24 h. Thus, the concentration of these enzymes was increased (10 and 20 U) to improve flavanones extraction. β-glucosidase at 20 U offered the highest amount of naringenin (77.63 mg 100 g−1 of CPB) and hesperetin (766.44 mg 100 g−1) obtained so far by biological processes. According to Person’s correlation analysis, TPC and antioxidant activity were highly correlated with CPB contents of hesperetin and naringenin. The aglycone flavanones are rarely found in natural sources and have higher biological potential than their glycosylated forms. Our results indicated enzyme-assisted extraction as a good choice for recovering aglycone flavanones from CPB, and increased knowledge on the biological activity of this agroindustrial waste, amplifying their application in food and pharmaceutical field.

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We thank FAPESP (Grant Number 2015/04555-2) for the financial support and CNPq for the scholarships.

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  • β-glucosidase
  • Tannase
  • Enzyme-assisted extraction
  • Citrus by-product
  • Bioactive compounds
  • Antioxidant activity