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Reducing atmosphere packaging as a novel alternative technique for extending shelf life of fresh cheese


An atmosphere composed of hydrogen gas-included gaseous mixture was tested for packaging fresh cheese samples. The cheese samples were packaged in reducing atmosphere packaging (RAP) [RAP 1 (90% CO2/6% N2/4% H2), RAP 2 (50% CO2/46% N2/4% H2)], modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) [MAP 1 (90% CO2/10% N2), MAP 2 (50% CO2/50% N2) and MAP 3 (Air)], and unpackaged (control) conditions without using any preservatives, then stored at + 4 °C for 7 weeks. The closest values of color and titratable acidity to the fresh sample were observed for RAP 1. The highest and lowest total mesophilic-aerobic bacteria counts were noted for control and RAP 1 samples, respectively. The yeast-mold counts of all sample groups increased by the time; where RAPs groups exhibited the lowest counts. The similarity between RAP and fresh samples attracts attention to the protective role of hydrogen in preserving the freshness of fresh cheese without using any preservatives.

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The authors acknowledge financial support from the DAP Department (Doğu Anadolu Projesi Bölge Kalkınma İdaresi Başkanlığı) and partly financial support from Iğdır University Scientific Research Projects Unit (Project No: BAP-2017-FBE-L 26).

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  • Cheese
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