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Variation in properties of tender jackfruit during different stages of maturity

  • Sandeep Singh Rana
  • Rama Chandra Pradhan
  • Sabyasachi Mishra
Original Article


This research was conducted on two varieties of tender jackfruit [hard (HV) and soft variety (SV)]. The tender jackfruit was divided into four stages (i.e. Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4) and their physical, mechanical, chemical and textural properties were determined for both the varieties. Physical properties like weight, length, diameter, geometric mean and arithmetic mean diameter were increases with increase in size for both the varieties. There was a significant increase in TSS in both the varieties (HV: 1.5 ± 0.02 to 5.1 ± 0.03; SV: 2.7 ± 0.05 to 7.1 ± 0.05 oBrix) from stage 1 to 4 because of ripening of fruit. The hardness, fracturability and springiness increases with maturity but on the counterpart, there is a decrease in adhesiveness, cohesiveness, chewiness and gumminess. The nutritional properties and the energy (kj) values were inevitable increases whereas vitamins content was decreases from stage 1 to 4 in both the varieties. The measured properties will be helpful in planning, design and fabrication of post-harvest processing equipment for tender jackfruits.


Tender jackfruit Geometric mean diameter Arithmetic mean diameter Soft variety Hard variety 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Sandeep Singh Rana
    • 1
  • Rama Chandra Pradhan
    • 1
  • Sabyasachi Mishra
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Food Process EngineeringNational Institute of Technology, RourkelaRourkelaIndia

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