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Effect of chitosan treatment on strawberry allergen-related gene expression during ripening stages

  • Milena PetriccioneEmail author
  • Francesco Mastrobuoni
  • Luigi Zampella
  • Elvira Nobis
  • Giuseppe Capriolo
  • Marco Scortichini
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The effectiveness of a chitosan coating treatment on the allergen-related genes expression of three strawberry cultivars (Fragaria × ananassa Duch., namely cvs. “Sabrina”, “Candonga” and “Jonica”) harvested at three ripening stages was evaluated. Fruits were treated with a 1% chitosan coating and stored at 20 °C for 48 h. Three genes, encoding Fra a1, Fra a3 and Fra a4 allergens, were evaluated by real-time qPCR. The transcript levels of several genes showed different patterns during ripening stages in strawberry cultivars but were up-regulated by chitosan treatment.


Chitosan Strawberry Allergen Real-time PCR 

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  • Milena Petriccione
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    Email author
  • Francesco Mastrobuoni
    • 1
  • Luigi Zampella
    • 1
  • Elvira Nobis
    • 1
  • Giuseppe Capriolo
    • 1
  • Marco Scortichini
    • 1
  1. 1.Consiglio per la Ricerca in Agricoltura e l’analisi dell’Economia Agraria (CREA)Centro di Ricerca per Olivicoltura, Frutticoltura e Agrumicoltura—Sede di CasertaCasertaItaly

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